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Hello world! Issue #1 of The Online Rule

Hello world! Issue #1 of The Online Rule
By Scott at The Online Rule • Issue #1 • View online
Hello, and welcome. Thanks for subscribing to this semi-occasional update on what’s going on in the world of sports digital marketing.
I’ll be aiming to push this out every week or two - hopefully enough so that there’s interesting content, but not enough that you get sick of seeing it drop into your inbox. It won’t just be The Online Rule stuff either, although hopefully you’ll forgive me for mentioning one or two pieces at the bottom. I’ve spent time giving the website a lick of paint and I’m proud of it.
If you come across something you think would be a good fit for this newsletter, please let me know. Likewise, if you work in sport and want to draw my attention to something you’re proud of that you’ve done drop me a DM or an email (people do this every day and I love it, so you won’t be the only one).
Finally, I’m always after contributors for the site. If you want to put a few news pieces out a month, have a burning opinion on the current state of TikTok, or just want to send me a press release, I’m on

Premier League clubs getting more engagement with less content
Aarhus open the world's first virtual football stand
Juventus’ China online fan event nets 11.2m viewers
SportsPro Insider Series
Barça, leader on social networks during the Covid-19 period
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Behind Sport
From The Online Rule
If you’ve got a press release you think would be useful, send it to I’d like to feature more news.
Bundesliga clubs pick up more than 26,000 new followers
Should fans ever look after a club's marketing?
In a world ruled by measure, nothing is more powerful than magic
There are plans for a lot more to be going on with the website over the coming weeks and months. There will be opportunities for brands to get involved through advertising or sponsorship and, hopefully, a lot more content.
Thanks for making it this far. I’ll see you next time.
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